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I grew up with a fascination for Native American Culture. As I read the books by Louis L'Amour, and watched the old John Wayne movies, I found myself always  sympathizing with the Native Americans. "They were here first", I thought, and then I would  wonder why we were not able to find some way to live in harmony together; the new and the old, living side by side in peace.

Indian Badlands

Edward S. Curtis Photograph of a Native American in the Badlands

I also remember hearing stories as a child from my grandfather. My grandfather grew up in the early 1900's near the very small and rural community of Loyal Valley, Texas. He lived about a half mile from a most interesting man, Herman Lehmann. At the age of 11, Herman had been snatched by the Apache. He was raised as an Apache child, and spent nine years living among the Indians . . . first among the Apache, and then as the adopted son of the legendary Comanche chief Quanah Parker. At the age of 20, he was reunited with his "white" family. Herman never adjusted to living among the "civilized". Each night he would pound his chest, and mourn for his Native American family, and the Native American way of life.

Each evening my grandfather would go over to Herman's house, and Herman would tell amazing stories of being raised in the traditional ways of the Apache and Comanche. Sometimes Herman would ride his horse through the Valley, whooping it up, and using his bow and arrow to kill any pigs he could find. The Apache considered pigs to be filthy animals. My grandfather remembered every story, and every word that Herman had spoken to him. As a child, I had the privilege of hearing Herman's stories, as told by my grandfather. I can remember being both terrified and excited by the stories; terrified at the prospect of being stolen from my family, and excited by what an adventure it would have been to be raised on the plains in the traditional Indian ways.

As I grew up, my interest in Native Americans continued. I began collecting photographs, artifacts, and artwork of or by Native Americans. I have many of these items proudly displayed in my home. Many people who visit have commented on the collection, and have expressed interest in obtaining prints of some of the material. In response to this interest, I am offering Archival Grade Giclee fine art prints on this site. While I am offering material for sale, I hope you realize that my real interest is to share these incredible resources with you. Please feel free to browse through the site, and enjoy the artwork. You might even find some interesting stories as you look through the material. Enjoy!


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