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We have all grown accustomed to vintage photographs being either pure black and white, or a rich sepia tone. Color photography did not become popular until the  1940's. However, back in the mid to late 1800's there was an interesting hobby where people would hand tint photographs, giving them life-like color. I have included an advertisement from an original 1863 newspaper selling one of these coloring kits. It is an interesting read.

In many cases people used these kits with stunning results, and some of these hand tinted photographs and Cartes de Visites have manages to survive until today. These are among the most collected of vintage images, and they create stunning displays when framed and placed in an office or study. Below I present 4 of the best examples of hand tinted vintage photographs that I have been able to find. By popular demand, I am offering these four hand tinted photographs as Archival Grade Fine Art Prints. Each is available in a variety of sizes and prices to fit your individual needs. You can click on the thumbnails to be taken to details on size, price, and availability.

Native American

Native American Picture


Vintage Indian Picture

Indian Brave

Vintage Photograph of Indian Brave

American Indian

Vintage American Indian Photograph

I have enjoyed these four vintage photographs immensely. In fact, I proudly display them in my own office. Of all the wonderful artwork that I have managed to collect over the years, I must say that these get the most comments and admiration from friends and visitors. I find myself gazing at the pictures throughout the day, day dreaming about bygone times in the Old West.

Western Style OfficeFrom the picture of my office, you can see that these Native American vintage photographs play an important role in establishing a "Western" theme to the office. I compliment the Native American photographs with several original Oil paintings. One, showing West Texas cowboys, and the other a beautiful original painting of a Texas Hill Country bluebonnet scene. The Western theme is rounded out by a vintage set of safety deposit boxes from an old bank, and a massive safe from the 1890's. I feel that the Native American artwork is the feast De resistance that puts the finishing touch on the office.

I find that a mix of modern, original artwork, with vintage photographs creates a very attractive theme for the office, and creates a unique atmosphere, pleasing to work in, and attractive to friends and visitors.


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